Let’s look at how igaming casino businesses make money

The gambling industry is growing at a massive scale. The online igaming casino market is expected to reach almost $100 Billion by the end of the year 2024. But the question is, if the industry is gaining this extreme popularity because of high pay-outs to their players then how are they making money themselves while staying in profit.

Let’s uncover how these casinos are making money from the games.

  1. Slot games: The slot games are undoubtedly the main source of revenue for casinos online. How the game works is that players put down tickets from the buy-outs and select their bets in the game. Then after a spin, the winning combination scores a win or it’s counted as a loss and you lose all your money spent on the ticket. There’s also the concept of a handle, which puts you back into the game allowing you to spin the reel again for even bigger rewards if you score another win or you lose out on everything. A win or a loss is decided based on RNG (Random Number Generator) which keeps it fair for the players.

Most players enjoy the slot games because of it’s easy to understand nature and the potential to win loads of money in an instant. But if the odds are not in favor, the money players loose ends up as revenue for the casinos.

  • Roulette: It’s a famous classic casino game that you often see in Hollywood. The dealer spins the wheel with a ball in the center. Players are asked to place their bet on one of the 38 numbers on the wheel where they predict the ball to land. The player with the right prediction wins the round.

The players are often determined to keep playing until they score a win and a 3%-5% charge on each bet placed is what makes the casinos money.

  • Poker: Poker is a universal favorite in the gambling world. Players are made to play against each other in a game of poker where each player puts down money in the pot and the winner takes all.

Everyone love a good old poker game and the casinos too since the pay-out is made from the pot and not by the casinos and they get to charge a minimal percentage of the pot or a fixed rate for the table as charge.

  • Slot Bonus: Online casinos often attract new players by letting them play with demo accounts to practice and understand games before betting in their real money. Players are also awarded with free spins or bonus multipliers as you complete certain milestones in the games. These bonuses act as hooks and may lose the casinos in the short term but eventually brings in revenue as more people start coming in to play with real money.

These are some of the ways casinos make profits. Just like any other business, they need the profits to survive and it’s a great way to create win-win situations like this where the players can gamble on their money to earn much bigger rewards and casinos can earn small commissions from the bets which contribute to a lot because of the high volume of bets placed each day.

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